Before you start...
The village hall has a number of rooms you can book. You can of course have all of them for the day and there is a special discount for this. Also, each of the rooms can be booked for a morning, an afternoon, an evening or any combination.

In addition to the above it is possible to book the tennis court, the games field and the games pavilion. For more information on these, please email us or telephone..

Checking availability
Bookings (and cancellations) occur minute by minute and so the only reliable way to check the current status is to telephone or email us.

01297 680 777

We take bookings up to eighteen months in advance but these are only confirmed once we have received the necessary paper work, signed and returned by you.


Once you have decided on your booking please ring or email us and we will keep this date for you until we receive your signed and completed booking form, ideally within a few days.

You can download the documents you need to make a booking by clicking here.
Please note: To save paper and ink, It is only necessary to print the first four pages of the downloaded document which we need you to complete and return to us either by mail or electronically. It is important, however that you read all of the document as it contains important information and conditions that you must agree to.